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Devotion to innovative metal technology from forging to recycling.


We celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2017 with heartfelt thanks to all our customers and business trading partners around the world. At present, Nakatsuji Limited has a network of two plants for the Recycling Division, one plant for the Precision Forging Division, and two affiliated companies overseas. We pledge to meet the needs of our customers by always raising the quality level of our precision forging technologies, and by further innovating our recycling processing technology.

When it comes to technological development at our Recycling Division, our challenge is not only confined to developing our scrap metal operations. More broadly, in an effort to achieve greater sustainability in society, where economic growth and environmental preservation go hand in hand, we are providing our unique method of recycling to manufacturers, distributors, and local governments. By our method of processing discarded products such as various types of electronic equipment and industrial E-waste, we are obtaining a variety of substances including precious metals that are recyclable as raw materials.

Our Precision Forging Division's unique "Integrated Production System from the Raw Material to Finished Product" is applied to the production of CVJ parts for automobiles and industrial equipment parts. In 2016 we became certified for the automotive global quality management standard known as ISO/TS16949. Since then the International Automotive Task Force(IATF) has an enhanced global auto industry standard known as IATF 16949. We expect to be certified in this QMS by February 2018. We are committed to making our system more precise and accurate for the global market of automotive parts.

For the past 100 years, we have been putting great emphasis on building mutual trust relationships with our customers. We also believe that a mutual relationship of trust with society at large is important. We strive to further solidify trust with the public through the advancement of our operational safety, and our strong focus on environmental preservation.

Thank you very much for your business and continued support.

Jun Nakatsuji, President

Company Profile

Company Name Nakatsuji Limited
Representative Jun Nakatsuji, President
Location Head Office: 1-2-28, Kitakoyo-cho, Sakai, Osaka
TEL: +81-722-28-1777 FAX: +81-722-28-1771
Description of Business
  • ・Recycling of ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  • ・E-scrap recycle, such as used office automation equipment, vending machines, PCs, home electric appliances, and industrial E-waste.
  • ・Manufacturing of cold/warm forged auto parts, hydraulic building fixture parts, and riding lawn mower parts.
Founded April 1917
Incorporated April 1952
Capital 36,000,000 yen
  • Resona Holdings, Inc., Sakaihigashi Branch
  • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Sakai Branch
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Sakai Branch
  • The Shoko Chukin Bank, Sakai Branch
  • Japan Finance Corporation for Small Business, Sakai Branch
Affiliated Company
  • ASC (Automation System Corea) (Korea)
  • NNF Corporation (Korea)
Main Customers
  • MM & Kenzai Corporation
  • Itochu Metals Corporation
  • Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsui Bussan Metals Co., Ltd.
  • Marubeni Tetsugen
  • Toyota Tsusho Corporation
  • Mory Industries Inc.
  • NTN Corporation
  • Kanematsu Corporation
  • Okaya & Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Door Check Mfg. Co., Ltd.
  • KYB Corporation
  • Kanzaki Kokyukoki Mfg. Co., Ltd,
  • Osaka High Pressure Hose Co., Ltd.
  • GKN Driveline Celaya
  • Calbag Metals Company Limited
  • IBM Japan, Ltd.
  • Orix Eco Services Corporation
  • West Japan Railway Techsia Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi, Ltd.
  • NEC Corporation
  • Japan Tobacco Inc.
  • JT Business Com Co., Ltd.
  • Kobe Steel, Ltd.
  • Air Water Inc.
  • Sumitomo Life Insurance Company
  • Resona Bank, Limited
  • Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
  • Maruzen Showa Unyu Co., Ltd.
  • The Kinki Osaka Bank, Ltd.
  • Omron Social Solutions Co., Ltd.
  • Daiwa Industries Ltd.
  • Plus Logistics Corporation
  • JA Mitsui Asset, Ltd.

Corporate History

Corporate Events
Corporate Events
Precision Forging Division
Precision Forging Division
Recycling Division
Recycling Division
Corporate Events Kikumatsu Nakatsuji founds the Nakatsuji Kikumatsu Shoten, a wholesale business dealing in used machinery and raw materials to the steel industry, in Kitakoyo-cho, Sakai City.
1952 Corporate Events Minoru Nakatsuji inherits the Nakatsuji Kikumatsu Shoten, restructuring it as a corporation.
The new corporation is called Nakatsuji Limited, and Minoru Nakatsuji becomes the CEO.
1962 Precision Forging Division The company switches from hot forging to cold forging.
1971 Recycling Division The Tadaoka Plant is established at Tadaoka-cho in Senboku-gun, as a metal recycling and processing plant.
1978 Corporate Events Nakatsuji Limited was designated by the Ministry of Finance (Sakai Tax Office) as a Company of Excellence among Small-Medium Businesses, ranking it in the top 1 % of all approximately. 20,000 companies and corporations in the Sakai area. (This designation has continued to the present day.)
1979 Precision Forging Division The Senboku-Takasago Plant is built to expand the cold-forging line at Takasago in Takaishi City.
1981 Precision Forging Division An Aida 800 ton press machine is installed at the Senboku-Takasago Plant. Production starts of forged blank parts for Mazda gears and clutches.
1999 Recycling Division The company obtains approval from the Osaka Prefectural Government to operate as a processor of industrial waste (intermediate treatment, crushing). Permit Number 2720031509.
2000 Recycling Division The Tadaoka Plant and its facilities are expanded to create a total recycling system to process discarded office automation systems, personal computers, and vending machines, in addition to ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
2003 Precision Forging Division The Senboku Takasago Plant obtains ISO 9002 Quality Management System certification from U.L. Japan. (File Number A7953)
2003 Recycling Division The Tadaoka Plant obtains ISO 14001:2004. (File Number 2015-00480)
2013 Precision Forging Division The precision warm-forging line is established in addition to the precision cold-forging line at the Senboku Takasago Plant.
2013 Recycling Division The company is designated as a key company in Kansai Area for recycling used small electric equipment by Mitsui & co., Ltd..
2015 Recycling Division A vertical shredder is installed.The company obtains permission for the modification of its waste disposal facilities.
2015 Recycling Division The company is officially approved as a Recycling Company for Used Home Electric Appliances by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2016 Precision Forging Division The Senboku Takasago Plant obtains ISO/TS16949: 2009 from DQS Gmbh for the manufacturing of forged and machined parts for CV joints. (File Number 20001991 QM08)
2020 Recycling Division The Tadaoka Plant obtains Responsible Recycling(R2): 2013.
2020 Recycling Division The Tadaoka Plant obtains OHSAS:18001.
2021 Recycling Division The Tadaoka Plant migrated to ISO45001:2018 from OHSAS:18001.

Authorization and Licenses Obtained

Title of Permit / Issuing Authority Permit No. Expiration Date Remarks
Industrial Waste Treatment Business Permit
Government of Osaka Prefecture No. 02720031509 2024/5/27
Industrial Waste Collection and Transport Business Permit
Government of Osaka Prefecture No. 02710031509 2025/8/29
Mayor of the City of Sakai No. 06710031509 2025/7/12
Governor of Hyogo Prefecture No. 02803031509 2027/10/23
Governor of Kyoto Prefecture No. 02600031509 2027/12/17
Government of Nara Prefecture No. 02900031509 2027/12/19
Government of Wakayama Prefecture No. 03000031509 2027/10/1
Government of Shiga Prefecture No. 02501031509 2025/11/3
Government of Mie Prefecture No. 02400031509 2025/8/26
Scrap Metal Handling Permit 7128 - Issued: 1999/5/14
Permit to Sell Used Articles (Sale of Machinery and Fixtures) 10718 - Issued: 1961/9/17
Category 1 Chlorofluorocarbon Collector Registration 104-70 2027/11/10
Chlorofluorocarbon Collector Registration 20272000191 2027/11/10
Customer Registration 20271000376 2027/11/10
Dismantling Business License 20273000007 2024/6/30
Crushing Business License 20274000005 2024/6/30
Registration as Waste Recyclers No.16 - Registered 1993/3/5
Authorized Recycler of Small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment No.44 - Issued: 2015/8/5
Environmental Management System of ISO 14001:2015 Obtained: 2018/5/15

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